Forgiveness - It Is Not About You

Forgiveness - It Is Not About You

Sometimes we feel like we can’t.  We’re too hurt.  We’re too betrayed.  We feel as if we gave so much already, that forgiveness isn’t warranted. 

We all fall short and we all fail someone at some point in our lives.  But, keep in mind that forgiveness, is not about them and it’s not about you.  

Genuinely forgiving someone demonstrates God’s love for all of us.  It brings you closer to the person God is calling you to be and shows them that there does exist a love that strong. 

Now, forgiveness doesn’t come without accountability.  God expects us to not make the same mistakes when we are forgiven.  

As we forgive others, encourage them to not fall in the same direction.  Just as when we are forgiven, we must be conscious of our future actions.  Forgiveness is about  becoming the person God made you to be and helping others do the same.  

Go and Love People the way God Loves You. 

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