Patience is Hard

Patience is Hard

Patience is hard.  Patience can be almost unbearable at times. Being told to be patient  can sometimes be discouraging and even spark a little anger and frustration.  

But can you recall anything meaningful in your life that didn’t require patience.  How long did you take you to graduate college? To get your dream job, to get that promotion.  To cultivate and maintain an intimate relationship.  How much patience does it require to be an effective parent? 

Maybe you’re in the middle of a situation where patience is the remedy.  You see patience is variable found in everything meaningful in our lives.  You can’t have what you’re chasing without deploying patience.  

Take a deep breath, and move forward, knowing that you must develop the capacity to endure suffering in order to achieve success.  

Be Patient. Stay Focused.  Never Quit. 

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