Start With Commitment

Start With Commitment

You don’t commit to something unless you are willing to do what is necessary to deliver the expected result, whether that be to yourself or someone else.  

The problem with delivering is we focus on the demands of our goal not on our commitment.  You want to go back to school, you immediately see time constraints and obstacles in your way.  If you want to lose weight, you focus on all the foods you shouldn’t eat and the workouts you don’t want to do.  You want to be a better spouse or a better parent.  You focus on the time and effort it’s going to take away from your already busy life.  

Now add the variable of commitment.  Ask yourself, am I committed to that thing I can’t stop thinking about.  Am I committed to making a change.  If not,  you’ll never make it happen.  If you are honestly committed to whatever is on your mind.  Obstacles, adversity, time constraints, learning new habits, all these things don’t matter.  You just make it happen.  

Start with commitment. 

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